5 Sєx Positions that will help him last longer in bed

Having a man who knows how to control his s3xual desire so that he can hang in there long enough for her to get her satisfaction can be a great thing.
There are a lot of things you can do differently as a guy so you last longer in bed.
Let us take a look at the few positions you can try.
1. Spooning
Getting his p3nis inside can be a little tricky, but this move is really worth it. You both lay on your sides, facing the same direction. His pelvis should be lower than hers. She bends forward at the hip and lifts her top leg so he can guide his p3nis into her. He is in charge of most of the action which will be more about rocking and grinding than thrusting

Why it works: This position creates shallow penetration, so he won’t get overstimulated. It also forces you to move slowly and subtly, since he’s likely to fall out if he gets too enthusiastic.
2. Face-to-face
Similar to the above move, but for this one, you need to lay on your sides, facing each other. She lifts her top leg and wrap it around his waist.
Why it works: This is another position that only allows for shallow pen3tration. It’s also very close and intimate. It’s a good position to use to take a little break and reconnect with each other.
3. Modified D0gg1e
Start off in regular d0ggy style position with her on hands and knees and him on his knees behind her. Then she slowly lowers her body down to the bed so that she is laying fully on her stomach. He should follow along so he does not fall out.
Why it works: You get the enjoyment of rear entry and the naughty thrill of d0ggy-style, but without the overly-intense stimulation for him. It’s also a great position to hit her G-sp0t.
4. Woman on top
He lies on his back with a pillow under his head. She straddles him, with her legs on either side of his body, and she eases onto his p3nis. She then leans forward and props her body weight on her elbows.

Why it works: Woman on top can be a little tricky for some men, because the penetration is deep and the view is hot. But if she leans forward, the penetration becomes shallower, her movements become less intense, and she can focus more on kissing and caressing.

5. Sitting in a chair
He sits on a sturdy chair or sofa, preferably with armrests. She faces away from him, lower her butt onto his lap and guide his p3nis into her. She can use the armrests for extra support. She can slowly move up and down or grind his pelvis against his.

Why it works: This is another position that can be a good alternative to d0ggy-style. You still get the rear entry, but he cannot get too carried away because she is in charge.



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