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Kumkum Bhagya Adom TV Friday 28th April 2017 Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Adom TV Friday  28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on Leakxgh.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling herself that she has to leave from there, as she can’t hurt Abhi with her presence. She looks at the papers and thinks she has to end the story from where it had started. She looks at their marriage pic. “Hamari Adhuri plays”.  Tanu discloses to Abhi that she will always be dependable with him. Pragya comes there and says I am leaving from this house as you don’t want to see my face. She says I came to return your property papers. Abhi looks at her…..with teary eyes…..Veer Zaara song plays………..Tanu says you came for some work. Pragya says when I came here, I couldn’t make you understand that I didn’t come for money.I hope you will understand now that the reason for my arrival and for going from here is you. Tere Liye plays…………. Tanu thinks I thought I will get everything when my baby is born, but I am getting all those things after his death.To begin with, I got Abhi and will get his property gradually and grins. (She is happy for her baby’s death being a stylish woman). Pragya supposes she shouldn’t illuminate or tell Dadi, else she will stop her. Hamari Adhuri plays……..

She recalls about their marriage and moments between them. Hamari Adhuri plays. Abhi is also sad and thinks about her. She prays to Ganapati lord and asks him to take care of Abhi and cries. Abhi comes out of his room and sees her standing. Pragya also looks at him. The song continues to play while they reminisce their marriage. Tanu comes and keeps a hand on his hand. Abhi goes inside. Tanu smirks. Pragya leaves. Abhi goes to his room and sits sadly. He recalls their romantic moments and cries while the song continues to play.

Beeji tells Sarla that rain will start now. Pragya comes there. Sarla asks why did you bring your bag and asks her to tell. Pragya says I came to my house for everyone’s betterment. Sarla asks what do you mean? Pragya says I didn’t want everything to end and that’s why came. Beeji asks did you leave that house. Sarla says did you leave Abhi? Beeji says you have to prove your truth and expose Tanu’s lie. Janki says a daughter shouldn’t come like this. Pragya says if you have a problem with my stay then I will leave from here also. Sarla says this is your home and you can stay. Pragya goes to room cryingly. Tere Liye song plays……………..Abhi cries. Pragya also cries at their respective homes.

Tanu knocks on the door and asks him to open the door. She then thinks to leave him alone for some time. She says Abhi has no one except me. He have to come to me, then I will give him love and support that he will forget her.

Tanu thinks Abhi and his property are all mine and thinks it is an amazing feeling. She thinks she doesn’t have to become a mum now and is back to her normal figure. She thinks to take up modelling again and says it is a good feeling. She thinks I will remove Pragya’s memories from his heart and will romance with him in her room. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu informs her that Pragya left home. Aaliya is happy and stunned. Tanu smiles broadly.

Abhi tells Dadi that Pragya did wrong with me and snatched my fatherly emotions/rights from me.




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