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The Episode begins with Purab searching  Abhi. Pragya is in the car with the woman who is helping her and taking her where Abhi had fallen. Pragya says he shouldn’t have gone and cried. She reviews his letter and discloses to herself that nothing will happen to hm. Woman sees smoke turning out and tells Pragya. Pragya requests that she stop the auto and gets down. She runs with the woman inside the wilderness in search of Abhi and says I am coming… .She draws close to the auto. The woman says I can’t release you close to the auto as it can blast. Pragya begs her to release her, as Abhi is separated from everyone else… and folds her hands. Woman likewise cries and requests that she get it. Pragya says I can’t abandon him in this condition, let me go. The woman says I won’t let you go alone, I will likewise accompany you. They go close to the auto. Pragya opens the window,

What’s more, don’t discover him. She yells where are you? Let me know… .and cries. Ek Baar Milade Saiyya… ..plays… … .Pragya cries thinking back their cheerful minutes just before the mishap. She tells a oman that her significant other is not in the auto.

Woman says on the off chance that he is not here, then it implies he more likely than not fallen before this auto fell her. We will seek him together, he may be stuck some place on the tree limbs. Pragya calls him and sees Abhi unknowingly lying. She gets stunned. Purab goes to the mishap spot. A man advises her that auto fell in the valley, and a man was driving the auto, then later on his better half came and attempted to bounced yet was spared. Purab demonstrates the pics. Man affirms. Purab thinks this implies Abhi was driving the auto and that is the reason he solicited me to take mind from Dadi and Pragya. He supposes why I couldn’t hear your sign. Purab asks where did that young lady go? Man says close there. Purab says approve.

Pragya turns Abhi towards her and requests that he open eyes. She says I have come… .converse with me, and cries. She calls close relative. Lady says I am coming. Pragya says he is my husband..She checks her nerves and says he is alive. Woman says we will take him to healing center. Purab thinks nothing might transpire. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi inquires as to whether Pragya is fine… Purab says I went to Lonavala house and came to realize that Abhi may be with Pragya. He says I think I came late. Dadi asks what was the deal? Purab reveals to her that somebody fizzled Pragya’s car brakes and Abhi sat on that car, it tumbled down in the valley. Dadi is shell stunned. Rachna accepts the call and asks what was the deal? Purab tells about Abhi’s mishap and says he will look him. Dadi cries gravely. Rachna requests that her not stress. Pragya keeps him in the car and requests that Abhi addresses her. She says you needed to commend all the birthday celebrations and events with me. A flashback is shown, Abhi disclosing to her that he will commend all events with her once more. Pragya says you told us that you need a charming girl, Abhigya… .She says I like it, and requests that he open eyes. She cries and says nothing will transpire.

The woman thinks this young lady adores her significant other in particular and requests that God joins them. Rachna requests that Dadi get up and says might be Pragya took Abhi to doctor’s facility. Dadi cries severely and implores God to secure Abhi and Pragya. Rachna says nothing will transpire. Dadi says yes. Pragya conveys Abhi to healing facility and requests that somebody bring stretcher promptly. They take Abhi on a stretcher. Woman discloses to Pragya that now she needs to leave and says nothing will happen to your significant other. Pragya expresses gratitude toward her. She requests that Abhi not stress and requests that Doctor treat him says she will finish every one of the customs. Specialist says he is extremely basic and makes a request to move him to ICU. Pragya is strained.

While Abhi is dealt with in the ICU/OT, Doctor tries to restore him. He turns out and tells Pragya “I am sad… Abhi is no more”. He says he kicked the bucket before coming here. Pragya is stunned. Hamari Adhuri plays… … .while she looks on shocked.

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