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The Episode begins with Purab telling Pragya that whatever he did was to save his Ram like brother’s respect and says only Tanu’s respect will be ruined and nothing will happen to Abhi. Pragya says what we will tell Dadi. Purab says Dadi will understand and says let’s go to Police station. Abhi asks a thief why did he come here? Thief says this is my sasural. Abhi says they said that they will take me to have food, and asks if he is also married. He asks if you are my relative…Thief gets bored with his questions. Purab and Pragya come there. Abhi says nobody is talking to me, even this jaggu, thief. He says I am feeling sleepy, and asks her to take him home. Purab goes to talk to Inspector. Pragya tells Abhi that she will be back…Purab greets Inspector and says I am Purab Khanna, I gave info to SP about that hotel. Inspector gets up and says Mumbai’s people are very fast to raid hotel from there. Purab praises him for taking action on time. Inspector asks what do you mean? Purab says you have acted well. Inspector praises him for giving them info.

Tanu thinks what they are talking about. Pragya tells that she wants to take Abhi. Inspector says the case is complicated and tells that Tanu told that she is Abhi’s wife and threatened to suspend him. Purab asks if he tells you, then she is Constable’s wife then will you agree. Constable says I am single and ready. Purab says you shall not believe her.

Pragya asks him to leave Mr. Abhishek Mehra. Inspector says we have to get proof that she is married or not. Pragya says but I have….She shows Abhi and Pragya’s marriage pics. Purab says she is my bhabhi and married Abhi a year ago (when they have celebrated 2 anniversary before). Inspector says your husband is ditching you…Pragya says no, and tells that Tanu made him drank something to take his advantage. Inspector says okay. Abhi calls Lady constable’s name. Pragya says he couldn’t differentiate between the lady constables. Inspector asks who is Niku? Purab says Niku is their baby. Inspector asks where is he? Pragya says he is small and I left him with his Dadi. Purab says Dadi is very old and waiting for Abhi. Inspector agrees to let Abhi go and get emotional. Purab tells Inspector that he will ask SP to promote him. Inspector thanks him.


Dadi and Dasi are worried for Abhi. Dasi asks Dadi not to worry and says Pragya and Purab must have reached there on time. She gets Purab’s call. Purab says everything is under control and Pragya will come there with Abhi. Dadi asks them to come home fast. Purab says we will come in 2-3 hours. Dadi tells Dasi that they are coming home. Mitali hears them and thinks she massaged Aaliya uselessly.

Tanu tells Pragya that she will not leave her and will complain to Abhi that she got them arrested. Pragya says what you will tell him, that you gave him drug and got him inebriated so much that he lost his senses. She says what you will do when he ask you what you both were doing that Police arrested you both. She asks her to accept that she can’t get Abhi, and says even God got angry and did this. She asks her to listen to her once and leave. Inspector comes and asks Pragya to take Abhishek Mehra. Tanu asks what do you mean? I will also come. Pragya says I don’t know her. She says you are just a model who came here to shoot with my husband. Tanu says I am Abhi’s….Pragya says you are his nobody. Inspector says okay, I understood. Tanu is angry. Abhi calls Niku…Pragya asks Constable to open the door. She takes him out of cell. Abhi asks Pragya never to leave him alone.

Mitali comes to Aaliya and thinks she is sleeping after making me do her massage. She wakes her up and asks why did you lie to me. Aaliya says you massaged me so that I will increase your pocket money. Mitali says you told me that Pragya will leave from Abhi’s life. She tells that Dadi was telling Dasi that everything is fine at Lonavala, and coming home. They have ruined Tanu’s plans. She asks her not to ask her to do massage again. Aaliya thinks how can this be possible as their car tyre was punctured. She thinks Tanu didn’t call me.

Abhi is drunk and under medicine effect. Pragya takes him out of Police Station. Abhi says I am hungry. Purab says this is not your home, but Police station. Abhi says he is feeling hot from inside. Purab says it is so cold here and asks what did you have in night. Abhi says Tanu made him drink wine. Purab asks him to remember if she mixed something in wine. Abhi says tablet….Pragya is shocked. Abhi says she talked to someone on phone and said that she added tablet in my drink. Pragya says don’t know what she made him drink. Purab asks Pragya to take him.

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