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The Episode starts with Sarla telling Pragya that she tried to inform her about Aaliya’s plan, but she couldn’t as Abhi took her forcibly from there. She says I thought to play the CD anyhow, and talked to Mitali, asking her if it is her children’s birthday today. Mitali says yes. Sarla tells her that Aaliya is on stage, and asks her to play her kids’ CD. Mitali agrees. A fb is shown. Sarla says she agreed and did what I said. Dadi praises her plan. Sarla tells Pragya that she would have trusted her, and listened to her atleast. She regrets for slapping her and says I am a bad mum. Pragya says if you are a bad mum, then I am a bad daughter. She hugs her. Purab asks them to stop their emotional drama, else he will cry. He goes to meet Abhi. Dasi says it was good that Aaliya and Tanu haven’t come to know about this plan, else they would have made some plan. Dadi says they were ready with their plan.
Abhi thinks who can be Nikita’s enemy who wanted to malign her reputation and tagged her pregnant. Purab comes there. Abhi says he is tired of thinking and asks him to help him. Purab says yes, your secretary is honest and good. Abhi says you was the only one who trusted her and thinks I am her enemy. Purab says that enemy wanted to attack on her image which she built in your eyes. Abhi asks what was their plan, and says I won’t repeat this mistake again and will find out the culprit. They hug each other. Purab thinks it is good that Abhi is trying to find out the truth.

Pragya asks Abhi not to stress himself, and asks him to make three promises to her, else he will go to Palghar. Abhi says okay. Pragya asks him not to take stress, and sleep on time. Abhi asks who will do party then? Pragya asks him to go early and come back early. Abhi says okay, done. Pragya says second promise, you will eat the food made at home quietly. Abhi says he can’t eat all veggies. Pragya threatens to go. Abhi agrees and asks about third promise. Pragya says I will ask when right time comes. Abhi says I am saved. He says you are not only my secretary, but my support system. He says my factory can’t run without you, and I would have promised you marriage seven vows to you if you had asked. Allah Wariyan plays…..Pragya stares him. Abhi asks shall I read the first vow. Pragya asks him to sleep now and says she is going home. Abhi asks her to stay at home, and asks shall I come with you. Pragya says it seems I shall go to Palghar. Abhi says okay, good night and sweet dreams. He asks her not to come in his dreams and break his sleep. Pragya asks him to go and change clothes.

Tanu asks Nikhil and Aaliya to stop fighting. Nikhil says you will not win until your stupid friend is with you. He says you would have stopped that CD . Tanu says she didn’t know about that. Nikhil says she should have done proper planning. They fight. Pragya comes there and claps. She says she is seeing their lost effect and asks them to get habituated to lose again. She says I have changed my plan, I will make you people feel pain. She says I am not Secretary, but I am his wife. She asks them to do marriage planning with Abhi, and says she will stop the marriage and make Abhi hers. She says I have returned here as his wife and asks Nikhil to leave else she will kick them out. She asks him to get out of her house. Aaliya asks her to stop it and says Abhi don’t identify you as his wife. She says you are mad at one sided relation, and says I will kick you out during his marriage. Pragya says I can’t bear him in my house. Aaliya says this is not your house. Pragya says this is my house and I will decide who will come here or not.


Aaliya says you are speaking to guest like this. Pragya says you both are guest here, and asks them to thank her as she is not kicking her out. She says he didn’t remember anything, but I remember everything. She asks him to leave else her hand is enough for him. Nikhil goes. Tanu tells Aaliya, what happened to Pragya today. If Chandi came in her. Aaliya says don’t know, if Abhi sees her talking like this, then what we will answer. Nikhil asks Pragya to leave his hand and asks what do you think, am I a calf? He asks her to show the strength and kick her out. Aaliya says you don’t have strength. Tanu asks Nikhil not to get worried and says she can’t kick you out. She is just alone, but we are three. Pragya says you can be three, but I have mind who is forced to think about you people. She says I can shout and call Abhi. I will tell him that he was misbehaving with me and you both haven’t stopped him. They get shocked. Nikhil decides to leave.

Aaliya asks Nikhil to go. Nikhil is shocked and says she is just bluffing. She can’t do anything. Tanu asks him to go. Nikhil says I am going now but will return with a new plan. Pragya asks him to make any plan, but blast will happen from her side. Aaliya signs him to go. Pragya looks at them and goes.

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